Introducing Laser Therapy!

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Dog being examined with laser

EVC is pleased to announce an exciting new service for both small and large animals. Laser therapy (Photobiomodulation Therapy) has been used for years as a drug free adjunct for pain relief, inflammation reduction and for general use with anything that needs help in healing. Cornell research has indicated a reduction in the need for NSAIDs for osteoarthritis with a general improvement in mobility and quality of life. We will be offering both “on contact” and “off contact” treatments depending on the condition.

Kasey explains the use of Laser Therapy

Companion Animal Health’s representative, Kasey, was here to train the staff in the many uses for Laser Therapy. Pre and post operative treatments are helpful to accelerate healing. Breaking the inflammatory response to hot spots has been noted and many other uses have had positive results. If you feel your pet might be a candidate for this treatment, please call EVC for details.

Cat being examined by laser