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Business Office
Rhonda is available to answer your questions concerning the bill for your pet’s care.
She can be reached at 536-9871.

When a client or farmer calls Eastview Veterinary Clinic, our client service representatives are the first in line to schedule an appointment, surgery or give helpful information or arrange for a veterinarian to answer questions. Currently we do not offer farm calls but will see small ruminants or farm animals which can be transported to the clinic.  For more information, please click Small Animal Information.

Veterinary Technicians
VT’s work side by side with the veterinarians at Eastview Veterinary Clinic. VT’s perform laboratory tests, treatments, administer medications and anesthesia, do dental cleanings and aid in x-ray procedures as directed by the veterinarian. They also help with client education and information concerning their animal’s care. VT’s at EVC spend many hours each year in continuing education to be sure they have received the latest training to aid in caring for your pet. They have completed an AS degree at an approved college and are licensed by New York State.

Veterinary Assistants
Veterinary Assistants serve a vital role at Eastview Veterinary Clinic. They perform duties along side the veterinarians and veterinary technicians to assist with restraint, surgery prep, treatments and facility maintenance. There is a VA in the pharmacy during the office hours to dispense medications the doctors have prescribed. They also explain discharge orders and home care instructions after a patient has had surgery or been hospitalized. Several of our employees have gone onto careers in the veterinary and medical fields after spending time as a veterinary assistant. They include medical school, veterinary college and nursing school.
Support Staff
Eastview Veterinary Clinic’s support staff is a dedicated crew responsible for many duties that keep the clinic running smoothly. Those duties include facility maintenance, surgery pack preparation, kennel cleaning, decorating and lawn/garden maintenance.