Phone System

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Eastview Veterinary Clinic has 3 incoming phone lines.  Sometimes these lines will all be in use at the same time.  If that is the case, a call waiting system is in place.  We apologize if, at times, these lines are all busy.  The phone number is (315) 536-9871.

Emergency Hours  When the office is closed the same phone number is set up to take a message that will be sent to the doctor on call who will call you back as soon as possible.   The on call doctor may be involved with a case when you call but, as soon as that case is resolved, you will get a call back.   It is very important to stay by the phone and keep the line free for that purpose.  Technical problems can, regrettably, occur with any system.  We ask our clients to feel free to call again to expedite a response if we have not returned a call within an hour for night emergencies or in 24 hours for non-emergency daytime calls.