Clinic Tour

Slideshow: Virtual Tour

Becca with a pre surgery pup

Patty clearing a puppy’s airway

Beth reading a fecal exam

Beth setting up for an xray

Lyndsey checking blood work

Patty keeping records

Beth comforting a patient

Lyndsey and Becca with a duck patient

Keith helping prepare a patient for surgery

Keith clipping mats

EVC Treatment Clerk, Matt

Keith holding a cat for Patty to draw a blood sample

Dr. Williams getting a temperature from a calf

Kunekune pigs

Kunekune piglets

A horse’s hoof x-ray

Every farm has a good farm dog

An iguana recovering from surgery

Cesarian puppies taking their first breaths

Benign Tumor between a dog’s toes

Dr. Fahnestock positioning for PennHip xrays

Roundworm eggs
under a microscope Roundworm eggs under a microscope

A tick on a dog

Dermoid on a puppy’s eye

Sugarglider in her pouch

Dr. Fahnestock examining a goat kid

A fibrosarcoma on the roof of a dog’s mouth

Dr. Fahnestock giving a turtle an injection

A screech owl with a broken wing

A surgery patient hooked up to monitor

Dr. Fahnestock perfoming acupuncture on a patient

Cancer in a cat’s intestines

A 23 lb. splenic tumor

Advanced Periodontal disease

Post dentistry

Sperm sample for a canine in vitro procedure

Canine in vitro surgery

A stick caught in a dog’s mouth

The mouth after the stick was removed